A cow can be happy

Having been raised in the city, I was like many of my fellow urban friends, and I attributed human emotions to animals. The technical term is anthropomorphism. And of course,

Seed Money

Last weekend, I had my first slice of watermelon this summer. That might seem pretty unremarkable, on the surface. But it was, for our house at least, a much-later-than-usual first

Research at the Farm

Last week, the Canadian Government announced money for dairy farmers through FCC (Farm Credit Canada), 2000$ for FCC clients that qualify to their criteria. We are not members of FCC,

The Heat is On

The Heat is On. I remember this song from Glen Frey, I had to look it up. The video starts with the close-up of a fan, exactly what we have

Savouring Strawberry Season

As an Ambassador for Canada Food Facts for Consumers, I am passionate about promoting the incredible flavors and stories behind Canadian produce. One of my favourites that captures the essence


Farms of all kinds run on a few of the same basic things: people, weather, and energy. To that list, I would add animals. Farm animals are sometimes part of

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