We love Canadian grown and made food

We want to promote Canadian food here at home and around the world. We believe that consumers like you deserve to know the real facts about Canadian food.We hope you will join us in spreading the word.

Quality producers

The hard-working women and men who grow, produce, prepare, and manufacture Canadian food products are leaders in their fields. They are the people who turn Canada’s natural riches into bountiful, nutritious offerings for food lovers around the world.

Quality products

Canadian agriculture and agri-food is world-class, sustainable, healthy, and delicious. Some people, though, seem intent on spreading misinformation, agenda-driven myths, and unscientific bunk.

C3FC is a grassroots organization that is just getting started. We’re powered by people like you, who love Canadian food and want the best for Canada and Canadians. Learn more about our team here. Get in touch to get involved.

Canadian Food Facts

If you love quality Canadian food like we do, make sure you have the truth about the food you buy and eat. Join us in celebrating Canadian food and spreading the facts.