With Thanksgiving having passed, it got me thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. Living in Canada is a blessing. Our country is not perfect but right now there is no other place I would rather call home. Being on a farm is even a bigger blessing. We have space, peace, animals around us and friends to share it with.

Walking in the middle of fields of corn and soybeans, I was looking at the cows in the barn and a warm feeling took over me. I love them, with all my heart, and here is why.

Our cows are intelligent – they don’t do what they don’t want to. They make their own rules about how they want to be taken care of. If you don’t respect that, they won’t cooperate. They chose their bed, their friends and where and when they get milked. They also like to solve problems! If there is a puzzle around them, they will solve it. If you leave an open door, you can be sure they will use it to go see what is behind it. They know their surroundings and notice every changes. Cows are very loyal. They have friends that they keep all their life, they sleep along side them, they groom each other, they talk to one another, and they are always near each other.

We had a calf born while my mother was here three years ago. We went to visit her every day for a week, my mother and I. This past June I was taking some visitors on a tour of the barn and she (the cow!) came to say hi! She pushed the cow that was beside me and took her place and greeted me. I was so happy, and so was she to see me!

Cows make it known if they are not happy. They manifest their joy or their frustration. They are relaxed. They do their business as they please and enjoy the day.

Cows give great milk – the happier they are, the more milk they give!

They are beautiful animals; we are extremely lucky to take care of them. For thousand of years cows have been in human life, sharing their ups and downs. They will be along us as long as we will take good care of them. The way to care about cows evolves thanks to the Dairy Farmers of Canada who conduct research to ensure they are taken care of and provide guidance for dairy farmers across the country.

Cows are our livelihood, and we love and respect them.