Canada is in the midst of a federal election. While we have struggled like every other country on the planet, and with the COVID-19 pandemic still underway, we are now asked to elect a new government. We are amazed that the topics the different political parties are discussing are so far away from our everyday lives. How can I get interested in the ideas brought forward by the people who want my vote, when they seem so far removed for my daily reality?

Talk to us about food security or affordability. Do the party leaders even go grocery shopping? Do they know what a carton of milk, a loaf of bread, or dozen eggs costs these days? Do they notice, as we have, that food prices seem to be going up every week. A cart of food that used to cost 80$ now costs 130$? It makes no sense.  We see intellectuals, professors, and others telling us that food prices are up. But do we know know why?

The farmers we know don’t get more money for their eggs, their milk, their beef, or their potatoes. Some can’t even sell their products. So who gets all that money that we’re spending on food? The processors? The retailers? Who?

We are still in a pandemic. A fourth wave is underway. We may be locked down or face other restrictions again this fall. Will prices spike again?? If we again lose income, how can we possibly be expected to pay even more?

Why don’t I hear about any of this from the people asking for our votes? Are they so far removed from people like us? Why aren’t the reporters asking questions about the food affordability? Are they not concerned about what we are living as readers and viewers?

We doubt we’re alone in this. Are we? Let us know your food stories from the last 18 months below.