By Adam Taylor

Of all the foods we eat, there’s something unique about beef.  Whether it’s a meal out at a fancy steakhouse, a roast beef dinner on a Sunday night with loved ones or backyard burgers on a summer day, beef is in a class of its own. It can be fancy and elegant just as easily as it can be simple and to the point.

And with all due respect to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and others, have you ever met someone who doesn’t like beef?! The good news is that it’s not just delicious, it’s also good for us.

According to, many Canadians would benefit from eating more beef as it’s a nutrient-dense protein that contains vital minerals such as zinc, iron and potassium as well as vitamins B12, B6 and Riboflavin to name just a few.

According to a University of Toronto study, both men and women across a variety of age groups don’t get enough of these essential nutrients. Adding beef to our diets is an easy way to ensure we get all we need for higher energy, healthier bones and teeth and better brain power.

And what other food has so many recipe options? From Taco Tuesday to meatloaf night to weekend BBQs (yes, all Canadians should grill year-round!), beef truly can do it all.

Like other livestock farmers, those who raise beef do it with love. Whether cows are grazing in the field or staying warm in a cozy barn, the wellbeing of their animals is always top of mind for farmers.

We should also take note that people all over the world want to eat Canadian beef. According to Canadian Cattlemen data, Canadian beef exports steadily increased last year to a 5-year high to key markets including the U.S., Japan, Mexico, China, Southeast Asia, South Korea, the European Union and the Middle East and Northern Africa.

What greater proof is needed to showcase that we have some of the most nutritious and delicious agri-food products in the world?! The proof is literally on people’s plates – in every corner of the world!

And while we love #FoodFacts here at C3FC, we also simply love delicious food. So yes, we’ll talk about the diversity of beef, its nutritional value and point out all that people around the world are buying it in record numbers. That is all good news.

But we’ll also bring it back to our own homes.  When we’re cooking for our kids, partners and loved ones, there’s something extraordinary about serving and eating beef. When you serve beef, it truly is a sign you care about those you’re cooking for. And when you eat it, you know the person who cooked it considers you special.

That is why we love Canadian beef and why we hope you love it too.