By Chris Day

I will admit it: I am an Olympic nut. When the Games are on, regardless of where they happen to be, I forego sleep and will watch pretty much any competition I can, even (as is often the case) I know nothing about the sport in question.

I particularly love Olympic curling.

To be fair, I’ve at least tried to curl before. I’m terrible. I kept falling, had no aim, and could never seem to get the right amount of energy behind a shot.

Maybe it’s because I’m in awe of what it takes to be good.

Maybe it’s because Canadian teams are usually among the best in the world.

Maybe it’s because I know that when I’m watching an end of elite-level curling, there are literally hundreds of thousands of Canadians cheering along with me.

Maybe it’s all those things. Whatever it is, I love it.

So, imagine my excitement when I learned that a friend of a friend was going to the Olympics to curl.

Lisa Weagle grew up with a former colleague’s wife, and we were introduced by her.

After a quick conversation about different things we had going on our respective lives, Lisa eagerly agreed to support C3FC. She is World Championship gold medalist, and she is our champion.

She shares our love of Canadian foods. She, too, loves to support Canadian producers. And she, too, tries to buy local and Canadian fare whenever she can.

We are totally thrilled she supports what we do.

Now that Lisa is back from Beijing, we’re also totally chuffed that she’s agreed to do an exclusive event just for C3FC friends.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Join us March 30 at 1pm ET for a conversation about Lisa’s Olympic journey and how nutritious, delicious Canadian foods fuelled her before, during, and after competition. Hear behind the scenes stories about what it’s like at the Games and find out what’s next for her.

(We’ll take your questions, too.)

Sign up today and you could win an Olympic jersey autographed by Lisa.

Should be a great chat. We hope you can join us.